hendrick's Quinetum

Gin and tonic, they’re one of the greatest couples of all time. However, tonic better watch its back. Hendrick’s Gin has released a special cordial that is about to take your gin cocktails to the next level.


For years, Lesley Gracie, master distiller at Hendrick’s, has been perfecting a recipe for a cordial that would compliment gin cocktails. The end result: Quinetum. The quinine cordial was developed after months of trials, recipe experiments and ingredient tests. The final product is a 4% ABV mix of orange blossom, wormwood, lavender and thistle extracts plus the main ingredient of cinchona succiruba bark (aka tree bark) extract where the quinine comes from. It’s bitter with strong flavors, the perfect match for gin.


Quinetum is sure to be the desire of any gin drinker but not just anyone can get a bottle. Hendrick’s only made 4,000 bottles of the super premium cordial and they only plan to hand it out to a two dozen bartenders… in the entire world. That means a lucky twenty-four mixologists in top bars in New York, Chicago, Austin and San Francisco will get their hands on Quinetum to concoct as they please. It also means that you’ll never find this in stores. If you want a try, you’ll have to travel to one of the chosen bars. To tempt you, here’s a Quinetum Collins recipe that’s already been created. It has us dying to try it.


Will you go searching for this quinine cordial to try in your next gin cocktail?