photoThe organic spirits trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, but we don’t mind. We’ve tried our fair share of the all-natural booze and it’s not bad, including our latest tasting: Punzoné. Here’s what we thought:


Punzoné Vodka: Organic vodka always has an interesting taste and this was no exception. After the first sip, it was clear we couldn’t drink this straight. The vodka was harsh and had a bizarre after taste. So at $45 a bottle, we’ll choose something else.


Punzoné Originale: The signature liqueur from the brand is a blend of vodka, red sangria and blood orange essence. The fruity flavor was strong but a had layered flavors that weren’t too sweet. The Originale was delicious and easy to drink on the rocks and would be a good addition to a cocktail. At 17% ABV and $35 a bottle, we would invest.


Punzoné Limoncino: The limoncello-like liqueur was a little sour for us and reminded us of a Mike’s Hard Lemonade without the carbonation. Not exactly the taste we’re looking for in a semi-expensive Italian liqueur. We tried it on the rocks, but we suggest putting it in a cocktail.


Our favorite was the Punzoné Originale, which we recommend. The Vodka and Limoncino were decent but not worth the asking price.


Have you tried Punzoné? What did you think?