waterfill_frazierMichigan homeowners John and Cheryl Borchert have found a variety of old, strange artifacts in their 100+ year old home. From old dishes, to bullets and porcelain doll faces (no thank you), the house built in 1890 has turned up all sorts of strange things. But when their builder found two bottles of whiskey during a renovation, things got real.

The whiskey was distilled by the Waterfill and Frazier Distillery in Kentucky before the owner moved operations to Mexico to escape the Prohibition Act in the States. The bottles bear Prohibition issued stamps that put the bottling date in 1914, but the newspaper wrapping the bottles is from November of 1921. While the original owner’s plans for a Prohibition-era party clearly fell through, it’s an interesting find for the Borcherts. The bottles have been estimated at upwards of $700 but right now the couple doesn’t plan to open or sell their find, choosing to display them instead. We can’t blame them but we also can’t help but hope our next spring cleaning will turn up more than $20 in the pocket of our winter coats!