Fact #1: Beer is awesome.

Fact #2: Brewing good beer is not easy, as evidenced in one of our past tutorials on how to brew beer at home.

So, what’s an enthusiastic novice brewer to do when they’re just learning how to make beer at home? Is it just a lot of trial and error until practice makes perfect? And how long is that going to take?

Never fear, friends. There’s a new home brewing machine that is about to change everything.

Brewbot, which was funded by a Kickstarter campaign last year, is working on fulfilling pre-orders and will begin shipping next month. It is a smart brewing appliance that you can control and monitor with your smartphone, making it easy to use even if you have never brewed a beer before. Your smartphone will send you notifications when ingredients are running low or your beer is finished, and even help you print custom labels for your beer bottles.

The process of brewing takes about 4-5 hours and during that time, you’ll need to spend about 20 minutes interacting with Brewbot. Fermentation and conditioning time will depend on the beer you decide to brew, but on average, fermentation takes 2-4 weeks.

One of the cooler features of the Brewbot is its compilation of “DNA of Beer” cards. These are beer recipes that list exactly what goes into certain beers and instructions for how to make them; the cards are shareable between users. In an article in Venture Beat, Brewbot founder Chris McClelland told the author, “Beer DNA is going to make it possible for you to drink a beer from small craft breweries in tiny towns and cities all over the world…the best part is, you don’t have to pay for shipping or deal with alcohol regulations or laws. You just send the beer instructions to Brewbot and enjoy.”

Brewbot is a legit machine and is definitely way bigger than some cheap countertop device you’d buy at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. You need to make sure you’re committed and have the room in your house for this baby, and you also need to make sure you have some disposable income as well: Brewbot starts around $2,800. It may seem like a lot of money, but people are actually surprised that Brewbot is being sold for so little based upon everything it can do. Jump on over to their website and pre-order your Brewbot!