draft topDrinking beer from a can is a time-honored tradition that spans every event from the beach to tailgating for football games. Some people don’t like the taste of aluminum, but besides the extra baggage of bringing cups, it’s not exactly environmentally friendly. Draft Top came up with a solution for those of us that like the experience of drinking beer from a cup without the hassle.

What is Draft Top? It’s a mechanical tool kind of like a can opener with 4 rotational blades that slice off the top of a can without leaving any sharp edges. Designed for 8-16 oz cans, this nifty tool transforms a normal can into a cup. Instead of shoving a lime into the tiny hole in the top of your beach beer, you can use Draft Top to make the can citrus wedge-friendly. You can also re-use the cans for other beverages, reducing your carbon footprint and creating cool cups for future events. No need to worry about your drunk friend breaking your favorite glasses. If you want to play a game of beer pong but forgot the solo cups, Draft Top makes it easy to get a game going.

The patent is still pending on the Draft Top, but their Kickstarter has already raised over half their targeted amount. We wouldn’t mind owning one of these ourselves!