giphyDecember is that special time of year when you carefully select meaningful gifts for those you love. And people you don’t know very well, but you’re obligated to get something for anyway.

The good news is almost everyone likes booze. The even better news- we made the gift search even easier by compiling a list of the usual gift-receiving suspects paired with just the right boozy gifts they’ll actually want for the holidays. You’re welcome.

For The Basic B*tch in Your Life: A Mimosa PinA little brunch flare for that girl at work/second cousin/friend’s wife that says #blessed, and not ironically.

For Dudes With Beards: A Small Batch Homebrew KitYou can count on the fact that a dude who is abnormally proud of his facial hair is most likely brew-curious.

For the Neighbor You Never Talk To But Wave At Occasionally: Drink Holder Pool FloatsThis might finally score you an invite into their inground.

For Your Office Yankee Swap: There’s a Chance This Could be Vodka MugTame enough for the office, funny enough not to be considered the short straw of the gift pile.

For the “I Don’t Know You At All But I Sense You May Be Kind of Cool” Person: A Wine-O-SaurYou don’t know them that well yet, but based on their vibe, you’re pretty sure you’re on your way to BFF. Their reaction to this gift will be the true test.