featureslider_skinnydip_s As soon as we saw the first few blooms of Spring, our longing for the summer season began and we whipped out our SPF and coolest shades without hesitation. Although ignorance is bliss, summer has really yet to come. In preparation we’ve stocked our fridge and coolers with this summer’s best seasonal brews for the quickly approaching Summer Solstice this Sunday. Bring on the sizzle of a hot day because we’ve got this summer’s best cold brews in our back pocket… as well as our left AND right hand. Now who has the bottle opener?

To start we have New Belgium’s Skinny Dip. This frothy, “full-bodied, figure-friendly” brew is light but playful with lively cascade hops, peaches, malts, summer citruses, and a slight sour pout to top it all off. A six-pack of these will keep things interesting to say the least. Perfect for the heat of the day coming in at ABV 4.2%

As things cool off, we’ll follow up with Abita’s Lemon Wheat Beer. The perfect match to a summer salad or lobster bake. The unfiltered, lemon peel brew is refreshing to the palate and the perfect compliment to the summer sunset with a touch of wheat malts, centennial hops and Bier de Garde yeast, boasting a ABV 4.4%

And finally to finish, we have Anderson Valley Brewing Co.’s Summer Solstice to wash down our s’mores down at the end of a well-played summer day. Unique to your typical summer season ales, this brew introduces a rich, creamy caramel to the game with a pinch of spice. Although it is also known as the “cream soda for adults,” it has a surprisingly clean finish with ABV 5%