cheap liquor

Choosing the “right” liquor can be a really big deal for some people, especially if they’re trying to impress friends, give a good gift or simply make an outstanding cocktail. With so many brands finding their way onto liquor store shelves all the time, it’s becoming more and more challenging to know what your best option is. Also, as our high-end cocktail culture continues to grow and premium liquors are put up on a pedestal, it’s not uncommon to feel pressure to choose more expensive liquors. Are premium liquors really better? And how can you know when to splurge and when to save?


Our general rule is that if you’re going to be using the liquor in a mixed drink, you probably don’t need to break the bank and buy something super premium. With all of the different flavors happening in the cocktail, it’s going to take a really sophisticated palette to call out the fact that the liquor isn’t premium.


Premium liquor is usually a good investment if you like to drink your chosen spirit neat (or on the rocks). By drinking the liquor without anything else added in, you’re truly able to appreciate the different flavors and nuances that each sip brings.


A good rule of thumb? Don’t let price tell you if a liquor is “good” or not. A lot of liquor marketing is just smoke and mirrors and if you assume a spirit is going to be good just because it is expensive, you’re going to be sadly mistaken when you take your first swig.


The first step in choosing liquors that you feel are worth the money is to try them. You know those little nips they sell at the liquor store? They’re not just for sneaking into your soda at an unbearable family party – they’re also to let you try a wide range of brands without going broke. Buy a few brands of your favorite type of liquor in mini sizes, ranging from brands that are considered to be “budget” all the way up to the premium types, and sit and savor each one. You may even want to ask a friend to pour each one into separate glasses so that you can taste without bias and make your final decisions based on what you know tastes good rather than what you think should taste good.


At the end of the day, it’s all about what you like. If the super premium taste pleases you, spend away. And if you don’t mind the quality of something cheaper, then you’ll be saving while others are splurging.