As we’re sure you know, we love all things alcohol as much (but probably more) than the next guy. However, we always drink responsibly. That means that we always have a DD, we always keep track of how much we’ve had to drink, and we never drink when it might compromise our own health or the health of someone else. Today, we’re talking about those “someone else’s”.

Last month, a proposition went ahead in Alaska to place free or very low-priced pregnancy tests in bar restrooms. This comes as an effort to prevent fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), which effects approximately 16 in every 1,000 live births in Alaska. The idea is that if women are unsure of their bun-in-the-oven status, all they have to do is pop into the ladies room before they sit down to have a drink.

The state handed over a grant of $400,000 to the University of Alaska Anchorage to put this study in motion. Starting in December, they’ll place these pregnancy test dispensers in 20 bars across six regions of the state, targeting those bars that are frequented by women ages 21-44. The study will be closely monitored, and while researchers are curious to see how many women will take advantage of this service, overall awareness about FASD is also a major focus.

This whole operation is a tad controversial, but we say what’s the harm? We love our booze and think everyone should give it a try, but not until their brain has fully developed.