As if Republicans and Democrats didn’t have enough differences between them, now we find out that they’re reaching for completely opposite bottles of booze. Little did you know, what you’re drinking may be determined by who you’re voting for.


A recent report from National Media revealed that Republicans are more likely to go for a glass of bourbon or scotch, while Democrats prefer vodka and gin. Interestingly enough, rum is the spirit that’s most likely to cross over the line and be enjoyed by both parties. Considering the regional breakdown of Democrats and Republicans in the U.S., we’re not surprised by the bourbon facts but we’re intrigued by the vodka and gin popularity. Who knew Democrats loved the clear spirits so much?


They took the study one step further to reveal which brands are the most popular among each party. You’ll most likely find a Democrat with Grey Goose or Absolut in their martini while Republicans are partial to Jim Beam, Canadian Club and Crown Royal. Naturally, all the high-end brands for the politicos.


We’re curious if this study would apply to all Democrats and Republicans out there? What about those of you with no political ties? Tell us if you fall into these categories below.