PinnacleReviewPinnacle Vodka is famous for their crazy flavors. We’re not talking about a simple Citrus here but offerings like Cotton Candy and Cookie Dough. We received two bottles of their vodka (in addition to Pinnacle Whipped) and here’s what we thought of the flavors.


Pinnacle Pomegranate

With the first sniff, we could tell this was going to be sweet. It smelled like grape flavored cough syrup and tasted like it too. It was easy to sip over ice, but the sweet flavor and syrupy texture were too much for us. One of our team members even said it tasted like a Shirley Temple. That being said, if you like sweet, and like pomegranate, and insist on drinking this, we recommend drinking it with seltzer water to cut the taste.


Pinnacle Cake

Liquid Frosting. We were completely divided. Some loved it, and the rest of us were repulsed.  Our favorite moment of the tasting was when one of our team members said it smelled like “my little pony.” If you think drinking straight cake batter, icing included, sounds good, then you’ve found your new favorite spirit. If we had to drink it, we ‘d mix it with Ginger Ale (tastes just like Cream Soda.)


Needless to say, these two Pinnacle flavors weren’t for us. We actually think they tasted like a syrupy liqueur rather than vodka.


Have you tasted either of these Pinnacle flavors? Let us know what you think below.