There are some who believe that wine is to be enjoyed in between tastes of fine cuisine. There are others who will tell you that wine is for sweatpants and junk food. We belong to the second school of thought. If your idea of a wine night is catching up on your Netflix shows with your hand covered in artificial cheese dust then have we got the list for you:

Popcorn and Chardonnay: The popcorn brings out the buttery and toasty flavors in the Chardonnay that would otherwise go unnoticed as you drank straight from the bottle.

French Fries and Riesling: Balance out the acidity even though you can’t balance on two feet.

Pizza and Chianti: A juicy and light wine is the perfect match for the large pizza you’re planning to house all by yourself.

Cool Ranch Doritos and Rose: Just trust us on this one.

Sit back, gain weight, and get drunk.