It’s all fun and games until… the next morning. Waking up with a bad hangover is no better than waking up to a screaming baby or a fallen overhead bookshelf. As uncomfortable as it is, we lead ourselves to the situation time and time again for just one simple reason: the night before. Was it worth it? Yes. Well, fret about hangovers no more. Australian government scientists have discovered that we can put hangovers in their place just one pear at a time.

Scientists, employed by Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CISRO), have found that by drinking 220ml of Asian pear juice or eating a whole pear before consuming alcohol, we can feel up to 21 percent better the next day. The study has not been tested on other varieties of pears at this point, however, Asian pears (also known as Korean or nashi pears) are known to have a higher water content and may contain unique enzymes.  Researchers measured 14 common hangover symptoms over a severity scale across a placebo and experimental group. The most notable observation? Increase of concentration.

While the results are strictly based off of preventative measures, and do not show evidence of a post-drinking remedy, observations showed that subjects found reduced memory loss, reduced amount of alcohol in the bloodstream and reduced sensitivity to light. The science checks out, too. Pears contain nutrients that act upon key enzymes involved in alcohol metabolism. An increased speed in alcohol metabolism therefore causes allows for the elimination or inhibition of alcohol absorption.

So don’t go empty handed to you’re next pregame or before party. Pears for all!