Thanksgiving is a magical holiday, filled with eating, eating and more eating. However, somewhere in between the eating, drinking must occur; even the most serious of food comas cannot keep your grandma from hounding you about why you’re still single.

Awkward family convos are pretty much a given, so it’s up to you how you deal with them. We suggest a drink… or four. Straight up Jack may have your family questioning your alcohol dependency, so we found some cocktails that you can guzzle under cover, aka they’re Thanksgiving-y. Your family will just think you’re being festive. Naturally, we consulted Pinterest for these recipes because we’re obsessed.

Vanilla Pumpkin Pie Martini
We like this drink because it is so easy to make and because it’s sweet enough to have for dessert instead of real pumpkin pie. It’s also the type of drink your family is going to like, so you can get your mom a little tipsy and have a few laughs.

Hot Apple Pie Drink
We think this one would be a good drink for later in the evening when you’re winding down and want something nice and warm. You also don’t stir the alcohol in until the very end, so you can pretty much slip it in without your family realizing that your delightful mug of hot apple pie cider has a kick to it.

Cranberry Spice Cocktail
This recipe is from Food & Wine, so you can impress your family with your classy knowledge of alcohol. It uses Aperol, Lillet Blanc and Cranberry-Anise Bitters, so make sure you tell them the ingredients as you’re making it so they think you’re really cultured.

Remember: Drink responsibly and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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