Everyone loves a little customization. Whether it’s on your coffee mug, key chain, or license plate, there is something nice about sporting your hometown or state. Onlookers don’t even have to ask you to know you’re from Jersey, went out to Cali for college, and spend your summers in the Outer Banks. Our/Vodka, a global vodka company making local partners, had just that idea in mind when launching back in 2011.

Started by six entrepreneurs of the Swedish agency Great Works in Stockholm, Sweden, Our/Vodka believes in supporting the neighborhood. In a mission to create a large global brand with local roots, the team partners up with people passionate about their city to create a partly distilled, hand bottled vodka sourced as locally as possible while using the same global recipe.

Each Our/Vodka looks the same, but its name and character change slightly with every city. Our/Vodka piloted in Berlin with Our/Berlin and has since created Our/Detroit, Our/Seattle, Our/London, Our/Amsterdam, Our/Houston, Our/New York, Our/Los Angeles, Our/Miami and Our/Paris with partners and a micro-distillery in every city.

Wondering what Your/Vodka might taste like? Maybe you’re the next local partner.