We’ve all been there – you head to the fridge for a fresh beer before the fourth quarter only to find that your supply has dwindled down to nothing. You return to your chair empty handed as you struggle to find joy in watching your favorite team play without a buzz on. Luckily, Bud Light’s Bud-E Fridge has found a way to ensure that never happens to you again.

The WiFi enabled mini fridge holds 78 bottles of Bud Light and includes a front display that reads out the exact number of brews inside. But it doesn’t stop there. It pairs with an app that counts down to the second when your beer will be at optimal drinking temperature. AND IT SYNCS UP WITH YOUR FAVORITE NFL TEAM’S SCHEDULE SO YOU ALWAYS HAVE A FRIDGE FULL OF BEER FOR THE GAME.

When your supply is low it shoots you an alert and uses Bud Light’s home delivery effort to bring you even more beer. It’s the future of Football Sunday and while it’s unclear whether or not this technology works with non-Bud Light bottles, we’re pretty excited about it.