Ouija After weeks of freaky trailers sneaking into our TV viewing, Ouija comes out in theaters this weekend. So all of us at DIA got to thinking… if we could call back one celebrity from the dead who would it be? More importantly, what would we drink with them? Here are a few of our answers:

“Maurice Sendak, and a Hitichino Nest White Ale”

“I’d have a martini with Ernest Hemingway.”

“Definitely Whitney Houston and I would have her casually serenade me to ‘I Will Always Love You’ while sipping champagne. “

“I’d have a Shirley Temple with Anne Frank.”

“Levon Helm from The Band … we would drink a delicious Pinot Noir and talk about all of the crazy shit he did back in the 70s. “

“Heath Ledger, obviously. We would have Batman inspired cocktails and discuss all 10 things I hate (to love) about him.”

“I’d have milk with Frances Bay.”

Just because we’re too afraid to pull out the Ouija board ourselves doesn’t mean we can’t still drink to their memory. Cheers.