Oscar night. Another great excuse for a party. My friends and I take full advantage, and the now annual tradition always ends up being a good time. It’s not just for the ladies either. It may not be the Sunday football the guys are used to, but there’s still gambling and drinking.

For the gambling part, everybody throws a few bucks into the pot. We assign a dollar value to each category on the ballot. For example, Makeup might be worth $10, whereas Best Picture gets a nice $50. It really depends on how many are in attendance. We submit our votes, and if you’re like me, you’ll end up with a good chunk of change at the end of the night. Rigging the Oscars isn’t possible, but I always have to justify my winnings. Thanks, friends.

The “gaming” doesn’t end with the ballots. Prior to the show we throw around a few rules that end up starting a nice little drinking game. Here are a few clichés that might be put into action:

Every time a host asks, “Who are you wearing?” = sip one

If Joan Rivers makes a red carpet appearance = keep sipping. Not a pretty sight.

Tiger Woods reference during opening speech = sip four five. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Oscars. Let’s hope Baldwin and Martin have more originality than that.

Tears during acceptance speech = sip two

Don’t know any nominee in the animated short film category = sip three

Every time Avatar wins an award = sip one

You get the point. Usually after a few minutes of red carpet coverage, the good rules surface and the night really gets going.

In years past, we’ve dressed for the occasion but have come to realize that nothing beats sweatpants on a Sunday night.  So the Versace gowns are no longer mandatory. We roll out a red carpet (sometimes it’s a towel), enjoy delicious treats and of course Oscar themed cocktails. Sounds like a classy party, right? Trust me, it’s fun.

This year we hit the jackpot with Oscar themed cocktails. Thanks to Chow.com, all Best Picture nominees are creatively represented in a classic concoction. You guys outdid yourselves and we’re grateful for it!

The Oscars may have lost viewers over the past couple of years, but with our little tradition we’ll always tune in. And I encourage you to do the same. Invite the gang over for some Oscar fun. This time of year, what other reason do you have to party on Sunday?