No matter how many ‘studies’ come out stating that drinking is actually good for you, we all know the truth – it’s a diet ruining vice. The additives and alcohol content lead to paralyzing hangovers no matter what tonic you choose to mix your poison with. But health conscience drinkers are getting more and more options these days. With all of the organic offerings hitting the marketplace, they can stick to their clean eating lifestyles.. sort of. Here are a few of our favorites:

Tarantas Organic Cava Brut: Cava grapes are used to make this pale, creamy and bubbly wine.

Organic Nation Gin: This gin is made with locally grown organic grains and flavored with 12 botanicals like dill, angelica, juniper and coriander.

Rain Organics Vodka: This vodka is distilled 7 times and made from organic white corn. Along with the original flavor they also offer  honey, mango and melon; cucumber and lime; red grape and hibiscus; & lavender and lemonade.

Bison Brewing Organic IPA: Four varieties of hops combine with caramel to make this delicious offering. And the cardboard carriers are made from recycled paper as an added bonus.