If there was ever a time to believe orange is the new pink, its now.  Orange wine is all the talk this summer and perfect for any wine enthusiast looking to sip on something new. Sorry Rosé, but its time to share the spotlight. And while at first orange wine might fool you with its bright color and citrus-like appearance, it can actually have a smoky and spicy kick. Orange wine is a white wine that tastes like red—perfect for those who have trouble deciding whether it’s a red or white night. For this we have to thank Josko Gravner, Italian winemaker, for being one of the first to bring back this surprisingly ancient technique that was once very popular among the wine community.

To make orange wine, winemakers from Northern Italy, Georgia, Croatia, Slovenia, France and even California use a method similar to the making of red wine. The crushed juices are allowed to soak for days, months, or even years, in the grape skins and eventually tinted with notes of orange pith, apple peel or apricot skins that give it a tangy flavor. Orange wine also contains tannins that render the bitter and dry quality of red wine. Don’t let that scare you off, white-wine lovers, this flavor is unlike the others and definitely worth trying. What better time than this summer out on the town, hanging out by the pool, or spending a night in with friends.