wp29Summer is the season of sun, vacation, barbecues, and weddings. Chances are that you’ve been to at least one wedding this summer and that there are still more to come. If you’re anything like us, you’re looking forward to the reception; you’ll get to chat with family and friends, have a great meal, and (most importantly) make a stop by the bar. But, that’s where the all-important issue comes into play: open bar or cash bar. As a guest, you’re hoping you won’t have to pull out the old wallet. But as a host, you might feel otherwise.

We broke down the pros and cons of having an open bar so that you can be prepared for your next get-together:

Expectations, shmexpectations: Your guests are hoping for an open bar. Why disappoint them? Be the dream host.
Merci beaucoup: Friends, family, and crazy Aunt Suzanne have spent time and money to be at your celebration. Show them you care.
Oh, waiter!: With an open bar, you have faster service and happier guests. It’s that simple.

-Daddy Warbucks: Unless you’re a bald man who adopts redheaded little girls, chances are that you’re not made of money. An open bar is going to cost you, so you’ll need to start smashing those piggy banks.
Dnurk Gsuets: We all have those friends who like to have a good time. But, with unlimited drinks, those friends could be seeing double.
Bar Crawlers: Guests could be so pumped about your generous open bar that they scarcely step onto the dance floor. Until Jimmy from high school decides that he can do the worm after his tenth beer.

So, clearly there are ups and downs when it comes to the open bar game. But, when it comes down to the wire, we’re leaning one way. And we hope you are too…

Free drinks for all.