It’s an order-in kinda night. Instead of Cocoa Krispies for the fourth night in a row or a slice of that leftover casserole you’ve had in the fridge for a week, you decide it’s time to treat yourself. Instead of suffering through the unbearable cold you splurge for delivery, and the Dominos came with an extra icing cup for your Cinna Stix, but something’s still missing. Somehow the complimentary Pepsi that comes with the order just isn’t enough.

Where is the hand-shaken mojito to go with your takeout indulgence? An Office marathon is not complete without a tall glass of relaxation in hand. Well, voila! We have a solution, and would like to share this magnificent new find –

After creating your profile, browse the selection of wine, spirits, and beer from local stores, order it to your location, and it will be at your doorstep within the hour! Technology has surely widened our horizons for the better right? Have your cocktail at the click of a mouse.

This is the perfect trick to have up your sleeve when the wine runs dry during a girls night in, or when the keg starts to run low at your next house party. Cheers to!