Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 9.54.32 AMSticky lime juice, melting ice, and sandy cups aren’t how we plan on spending our days under the summer sun. When we go to the beach, we do it right with easy, individually bottled, pre-made cocktails on ice. Nothing is better than kicking your feet back, melting into a responsibility-free reality, and sipping on an ice-cold colada. “Coolers” are back in motion. Thought you were too cool for these pre-mixed chillers, think again. Here are three of our favorite “ready-to-go” malt beverages for the season:

For the more casual cocktail drinker, try Bud Light’s Mixxtails. Choose between an 11.5 oz. bottle or a 16 oz. can and their three flavors: Long Island, Hurricane (fruit punch), and Firewalker (hot cinnamon apple).

For more of an upscale, “pinkies out” drink we have Hoxie Spritzers. Made from fine wine, natural extracts, and amazing fresh ingredients. These true blue wine coolers are blowing up the West Coast line. The flavors in stores today are Lemon Ginger and Lemon Linden Blossom, available in 11.5 oz. bottles. Visit their website to locate them in their California stores.

And finally “if you like pina coladas, [and] getting caught in the rain…” we have just the pouch for you. Remember those days as a kid, when life was as easy as sticking your straw in a juice box? Well, Parrot Bay gives us the opportunity to relive childhood simplicity with a tipsy twist. Their Frozen Pina Colada 10 oz. pouches are all the fun of a blended, frozen drink without the mess and hassle of a blender.

So go on, dust off the ol’ swimsuit, fill that vintage cooler with ice and your drink of choice, and hit the beach because the summer sun is waiting.