The Playoffs are one of our favorite excuses to get wasted. With 4 teams left, we have to fit a weekend’s worth of football drinking into just two games. A pretty serious challenge that we’re willing to take on with the help of these team-inspired cocktails.


Indianapolis Colts: Colt 45 Cocktail

1 oz Gin

2 oz Jagermeister

5 oz Red Bull

You may not be able to throw like Luck after a few of these, but at least you won’t look like him.


New England Patriots: The Gronktail

1 ½ oz Tequila

½ oz White Crème de Cacao

½ oz Blue Curacao

½ oz Cream

Maraschino cherry

You’ll understand why he has trouble keeping his pants on after you down this one.


Seattle Seahawks: Beast Mode

12 oz vodka

½ cup blue or green Skittles

Shake until the color dissolves and strain over ice.

It’s basically just flavored vodka, but we aren’t complaining.


Green Bay Packers: Packer Punch

2 oz Midori

1 oz Vodka

Splash Orange Juice

Goes great with a Wisconsin cheese plate.