After a painfully long break filled with court cases, terrible sketch artists, and heartbreaking injuries – Football is back. For this we must give thanks to the football gods, while being absolutely certain that Roger Goodell is excluded from this and all forthcoming praise. To celebrate, we bestow upon you the NFL Opening Weekend Drinking Game. With games multiple days a week, some would say drinking while spectating is a marathon rather than a sprint. To those amateurs we say: Go watch tennis.

Take A Drink:

Every time someone is “elite”

Every time Rex Ryan says the Bills are making the playoffs

Every time someone tip-toes around saying “Redskins”

Every time someone throws a challenge flag


Finish Your Drink:

Anytime someone on your fantasy team gets injured

When Spygate/Deflategate are mentioned together

Anytime someone predicts which teams will make the playoffs


Take A Shot:

If someone on your fantasy bench outscores a starter

If someone tears an ACL or Achilles



Now be free and enjoy the magic that lies ahead of us.