milk vodka

 We love to hear about distillers trying to get a little inventive with their creations, so we were happy to see two different vodka makers channeling some interesting methods. These two enterprising distillers didn’t have to look too far for their inspiration – both drew from fields right in their backyard.


The first vodka was created by a dairy farmer in England. Jason Barber has released vodka made from milk called Black Cow. Before you start faking nausea, don’t imagine a weird milky vodka – the whole process actually makes sense if you think about it. Barber ferments the whey separated in the cheese making process and then distills off the alcohol, turning it into vodka. And, not to be wasteful, Barber then uses the curd to make his renowned 1833 vintage cheddar cheese. Smart guy.


Black Cow is already rumored to be a favorite of actor, Daniel Craig (aka James Bond), and it was awarded a silver medal at an international drinks competition in San Francisco.


The second vodka we came across is Covington, made with sweet potatoes. Potato vodka has been around for hundreds of years, so sweet potato farmers Jimmy Burch and Bobby Ham realized there was no reason why they couldn’t take advantage of their 15,000 acres to make some sweet potato vodka.


Covington, the self-proclaimed “Best Yam Vodka on Earth,” won a gold medal at the San Francisco International Spirits Competition. It really just grew out of the farmers’ desire to end America’s dependence on foreign vodka and also use up sweet potato leftovers that they weren’t able to sell. They bottled their first batch in January and have a production goal of 5,000 cases for their first year. As for the flavor? They say their vodka is “remarkably smooth and rich with subtle creamy undertones – with not even the slightest hint of heat on the long and level finish.”


Would you drink vodka that came from milk or sweet potatoes? Let us know.