This post is geared toward our male readers so if you guys get your boxers in a bunch reading Her Shot, this gentlemen, is your big moment.
Calling all manly men, Maximus Vodka is putting the macho back into your alcohol. With their new ad campaign showcasing the artwork of American artist Mort Künstler, you won’t see rainbows or butterflies but chiseled men doing badass things. They have not joined the overly sweet vodka bandwagon; instead they want male drinkers to beef up with their “vodka flavored vodka.” Make a point to slug back a few shots of this with your horde of man-friends before your next shark-wrestling endeavor, and let us know how long you last.

For all you guys who think your average Bud is just not strong enough, fear not because AB InBev is releasing their new line of beers, “Black Crown” just in time for the Super Bowl. The line will have beers for the rugged type, with higher alcohol content than the average beer (but equivalent to Bud Platinum). Projected to be available in stores by 2013, Black Crown is supposedly a “distinctively smooth” golden amber lager. We’ll be keeping an eye out for it.

This one is for the sophisticated/cultured/classy guy. Jack Daniels Special-Label Frank Sinatra Whiskey was made in collaboration with Sinatra’s own relatives. Pretty freaking awesome. Sadly, its availability is limited to travel shops, so hopefully you’ll make time to pick some up on your next worldly adventure. When you do get your hands on it, sit back and enjoy the easy listening of your boy Sinatra while you ponder the meaning of life.