Attention: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans, the Dayman cometh. This week Stone Brewing Co. announced the release of their new brew titled Dayman Coffee IPA in honor of the hit FX show. The beer comes as collaboration with Two Brothers Brewing Co. and Chicago-based Aleman and is set to be released in early March. Nightman version coming soon? We can only hope.
It comes as no surprise to us, but the pouch trend is continuing. Good Time Beverages has launched its latest product, Bob and Stacy’s Ultra Premium Vodka. The four times distilled vodka will be sold in the brand’s well-known FlexPouch packaging, reminiscent of the childhood classic, Capri Sun. The 200ml pouches are sold individually or in a 4-pack and will be available later this month. The brand also plans to release a Cosmopolitan version this spring, aka the ultimate adult juice box.

Foothills Brewing Co. has announced that their ever-famous Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout will be released on Saturday, February 2nd at 10 a.m. The stout, only sold once a year, is infused with molasses, sweet toffee and dark chocolate. Sounds delicious, but don’t expect to get a bottle. Fans line the streets outside the Winston-Salem, NC brewery for hours just to get a bottle ($15) of the Valentine’s Day seasonal brew. Tack this onto our V-day wish list.

Ever wonder about the wrinkles you could get from that next martini? We don’t either, but apparently the Scottish government thinks we should. Giving a whole new meaning to “there’s an app for that,” the government has released the “Drinking Mirror” app to show women how drinking can affect their face over a 10-year period. If we could ban this app in the United States we would. We highly recommend avoiding this at all costs – save your self-esteem.