Entourage’s main man Adrian Grenier has introduced his own beer, Churchkey, to the East Coast. The beer comes in an old-fashioned flat topped can with no pull tab. To open the bright blue container you need a special tool, appropriately named a churchkey. Clever right? We thought so. Kudos Adrian, we’re excited to hear how the East Coast responds to your brew debut.
Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. has announced their newest seasonal flavors. As if they don’t offer enough fruity flavors already they are providing us with Mike’s Hard Blood Orange. This flavor should be a bit more tart than their others, so we’re interested to see how it will compare. They’re also trying something completely new with their Mike’s Shandy, a combination of their hard lemonade recipe and lager. We love a good pairing, so sign us up.

Italian design company Pininfarina is in cahoots with Chivas Brothers. They’re designing a series of limited edition Chivas 18-year-old scotch bottles. The first design in the series has a metallic blue case and comes with a veneer that’s supposed to remind the drinker of the oak casks where they age the Chivas 18. The whole package comes with a bottle and 2 glasses. We have yet to see pictures of the design, but keep an eye out for it.