In honor of the ever-popular film Office Space, TPS Report and OF Face bring you Trinity Red Swingline Primitive IPA. The beer, which has been described as “super hoppy barrel aged and dry hopped sour,” should be released shortly. The partners have even let on via Facebook that they may have a second label in mind titled “Trinity Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta! Obscure Noir Black Wild Ale.” We’ll need to rewatch Office Space once this comes out so we get the true experience.

Frïs vodka has a newly redesigned bottle, aimed to reflect the spirits main appeal, that it is the only freeze-distilled vodka. The new design is a sharp looking bottle in a dark grey color, which is meant to look like ice. We are interested to see if the latest design changes will really have people chomping at the bit to get their hands on a bottle.

Yet another Internet wine company is up and running. For this particular site, has teamed up with The Wine Spies to offer online customers a “wine-of–the-day” store. It has been our experience that people who buy wine online usually search for a particular bottle they have in mind. does offer something a little different since the wine is discounted – it almost reminds us of a wine-focused Groupon. Would you check this out?

Grand Rapids Brewing Company has opened their newest brewery in West Michigan. This is their 20th brewery and the only all-organic brewery in the Midwest. The city of Grand Rapids has named itself “Beer City USA” this past year, and the excitement of the new brewery has the whole city buzzing. Another reason they are looking forward to the new brewery? It prides itself on reducing their waste by 90% with its recycling and composting program. Drink and save the earth, we’re in for a case or two.