Shaquille 0’Neal is following up his NBA days by getting into the booze game. He has partnered with Philadelphia-based Devotion Spirits to launch his very own vodka brand, Luv Shaq. Expect this coconut-flavored, sugar-free and gluten-free spirit in April 2013. Be afraid, the bottle is decorated with a picture of Shaq donning gigantic wings. Can’t say we didn’t warn you.

Attention: Game of Thrones fans, now you have another reason to be excited for March. Ommegang and HBO are bringing you the first of three beers, Iron Throne Blonde Ale. It will arrive right in time for the premiere of season 3, perfect timing to throw a few back while you watch.

The #1 drinking rule is to not mix different types of alcohol. Well The Blue Moon Company is telling you to forget it. Yes, you heard that right. They have a line dedicated to beer and wine, mixed together. They’ve just announced the release of their newest addition to the collection, Impulse (half beer, half Sauvignon Blanc.) Sounds gross? Well think again, because cases are selling out across the country.

Drink Savvy has created a cup that can detect and warn its drinkers of the presence of date rape drugs. We can see parents snapping up “Smart Cups” by the case and sending them with their daughters to college. Apparently they might apply the same technology to straws. We’re not sure how effective they are, but we’re willing to commend their efforts.