Anchor Brewing & Distilling Company has announced their newest booze creation appropriately named HOPHEAD, which is vodka made with hops. The vodka is made with 2 different types of hops and promises all the freshness of hops without any of the bitterness. We think Anchor is raising the bar on spirit innovation and we could not be more excited to try their new offerings.
This month Beam Inc. introduced an extension of their Casa Sauza Tequila, the limited edition Casa Sauza XA, Edición Limitada. Only 12,000 bottles were produced, making this tequila a hot commodity. The $150 bottle comes with a leather strap, which we see no purpose for. Apparently there is a growing demand for tequila handbags and nobody told us.

We love it any time a bunch of brewers get together to create something new, and we love it even more when it’s for a good cause. This time its brewery Ommegang collaborating with Barrier Brewing Company, to raise money to repair the damage Hurricane Sandy did to the Barrier Brewery. The collaboration resulted in Barrier Relief Ale, a Belgian-style IPA that is well worth the cause.

The newest app comes to you from Constellation. They have officially launched Hello Vino, their free app that gives you personalized recommendations based on your taste in wine. We’re fans of anything that recommends fun new things for us to try, jury is still out on how good these recommendations actually are.