Skyy Blue Velvet

 Looking for a way to give back this holiday season? Skyy Vodka and the American Foundation for AIDS Research have partnered up to give you the perfect opportunity. Together they have redesigned Skyy’s customary cobalt blue bottle into a Blue Velvet Limited Edition bottle that is perfect for all your seasonal festivities. By making a few cocktails you can donate to the fight against AIDs at the same time. We think it’s a great chance to participate in some gift giving this winter – after all, we’re going to buy the vodka anyway.


The Handmade Cocktail Company has announced the release of their Experimental Series, premixed and ready to drink versions of some of the most classic cocktails. The cocktails made with top-notch spirits come in an elaborately labeled bottle complete with all the information and serving ideas you need to appreciate your pre made beverage. We appreciate the convenience of a quality cocktail ready to go whenever the desire strikes us – which of course, could be anytime. (PS. Worth noting that this isn’t your Parrot Bay Pouch, its high-end, classy, good stuff, aka expensive.)


Thanks to the folks at LetsPour, you can now order your favorite craft beers right from your phone. You can’t always be at your computer but does that mean you should miss out on the most sought after craft beers? LetsPour says definitely not. At the rate in which beers sell out you no longer have to worry about missing out on the most popular and hard-to-find beers. By downloading the free ‘LetsPour Deals’ app the brews can be on their way to your front door instantly. Convenient right? We think so too. The negative: it’s only on Android.


Two Firemen sitting on the side of a hill… no – this isn’t a clever pun, it’s a true story. In 2000, a couple of L.A. firemen resolved to create a beer that would “Extinguish Your Thirst”. Thus, they brought us the Fireman’s Brew, which donates a portion its profits to the National Firefighters Foundation in Maryland. Until now the handcrafted microbrews have been available in Colorado, Illinois and California but in November the line is pairing up with Alliance Beverage Distributing Co, to bring the beer to Arizona. If you’re ever in the area, support a good cause and “Ignite the Party!”