WinelandiaBuying wine online is probably one of the most genius things to happen, ever. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the about forty states that allow wine shipments, all you have to do is click a button and the case will show up at your front door. We’re used to handing our credit card info but looks like things are about to change, thanks to Bitcoin.


Winelandia, is paving the digital currency way in the online wine retailer world. The site first launched as a wine and food blog that started selling natural wine just last month and now they’re going to accept bitcoins as a form of digital payment for your vino purchases.


Winelandia isn’t the only online retailer taking the digital coins as payment. The Picnic Wine Co. and Mondo Cellars have both been accepting bitcoins for some time now. So is this the new way we’ll be paying for our wine online? It’s a slow transition but we wouldn’t be surprised if more retailers started going the way of bitcoins. Only problem: who really owns bitcoins other than tech-savvies? We definitely don’t but apparently it might be time to invest.


Do you think we’ll be buying our wine with bitcoins sooner rather than later?