What do Amaretto vodka, Irish cream and peach brandy all have in common? They’re new in the booze world and we can’t wait to get our hands on them.

Move over Bailey’s because there’s a new Irish cream coming to us from the motherland. Imperial Brands has teamed up with Kerrygold to launch a new liqueur for us to sip on the rocks made from a blend of Irish cream, aged Irish whiskey and chocolate. That’s a deadly combo in our books. Look for bottles in Illinois and Florida first before any national extensions later this year.

Since it’s summer and everyone is concerned about keeping things light, Smirnoff Sorbet Light has released two new flavors to add to their low calorie repertoire: Summer Strawberry and White Peach. With only 78 calories a glass, they’ve become the skinny alternative to a summer cocktail. Pick up a bottle for $16 a piece.

Following up their Honey flavor a few years ago, Christian Brothers Brandy has launched their new Peach offering. The 35% ABV spirit is a blend of brandy and peach flavors priced at around $10.99 a bottle. We tend to stay away from a brandy bottle that costs less than a cocktail but we’ll give this one a try.

Pinnacle strikes again. The flavor obsessed vodka line has added yet another bottle to their collection: Pinnacle Amaretto. The new sweet flavor is a blend of boozes with notes of cherry, cocoa and almond that we can only imagine tastes like liquid candy. For $12.99 you can pick up your own bottle and let us know.