AbsolutMexicoAbsolut’s latest limited edition bottle is celebrating the spirit of Mexico. Absolut Mexico pays homage to Mexican culture with a bottle designed by a native artist. The vodka debuted in Mexico last year and is now finally available in the U.S. Cinco de Mayo drinks will be that much better this year.


The Captain is stepping it up. Last week, the famous rum brand announced a new limited edition Captain Morgan Sherry Oak Finish, rum aged in sherry casks. It’s supposed to celebrate the life of the real Captain Henry Morgan but we really only care about the booze.


“Prepare to be wowed.” We’re not sure we’ll be wowed, but Pucker is excited about their new Pucker Watermelon Wow vodka. The new flavor combines watermelon with hints of candied fruit and melon. It’s available in stores now but this won’t make it into our shopping cart


Pinnacle really can’t surprise us anymore. Their latest dessert inspired flavor, Pinnacle Rainbow Sherbet, will be available this month. The vodka apparently tastes exactly like sherbet, the classic mix of raspberry, lime and orange. And they’re not just stopping there. Next to be announced: Pinnacle Strawberry Shortcake.


Jim Beam is celebrating the Kentucky Derby in a big way this year. The bourbon kings announced the release of their most exclusive, highest quality spirit ever: Jim Beam Distiller’s Masterpiece. Only catch: you have to go to the Jim Beam American Stillhouse in Kentucky if you want it.