Hangar24Right in time for the 2013 season, Hangar 24 is honoring America’s favorite pastime with a Baseball Beer. The new brew is the first from Hangar 24 since October and is a classic blend of Pilsner and American wheat beer. Sounds like an odd combo to sip while watching a game, but we’d try it. Baseball Beer officially launches today and will be available at ballparks and the Hangar 24 brewery.


Stone Brewing Co. is always surprising us with their flavor concoctions. Their latest is no exception. The San Diego based brewer announced Stone Espresso Imperial Russian Stout this week. The espresso flavored stout is enhanced with beans from Ryan Bros. Coffee, giving it a strong coffee flavor. Look for a little caffeine buzz with your stout. The beer will be available on April 15th. Tax Day beer, anyone?


What happens when a brewer and an ice cream genius get together? Breakside Salted Caramel Stout is born. Breakside Brewery first developed the self-proclaimed dessert beer last year in very limited quantities in collaboration with Salt & Straw. The dark stout was fermented with salted caramel and boasts a 6.6% ABV. Obviously this is too good to be available everywhere so you’ll have to travel to Portland, Oregon for it.


It could be the most “sacrilegious” act in all beer history, according to Epic Brewing who started a line of beer with only 3.2% ABV (apparently due to lame Utah liquor laws). Their new line, Unsacred Brewing, will feature four beers whose names drip with sarcasm: Priesthood Pale Ale, The Vision Lager, Unfaithful IPA and Rimando’s Wit. They’ll be available in Utah grocery stores in the coming weeks. We can’t even imagine why you would drink a 3.2% brew, unless of course you’re planning on drinking all day.