SamCanSam in a can? Say it isn’t so. Samuel Adams announced yesterday that they will offer a canned version of their classic Boston Lager starting this summer. Dubbed the “Sam Can,” the can is designed with a wider curved lip to trick you into thinking you’re drinking out of a bottle. They say it will make it easier to bring the lager places that aren’t bottle friendly like the beach or sporting events. We say, no thanks. We thought Sam would always be the old school craft beer that we fell in love with. This is a huge sell out.


Bacardi launched their latest Pineapple Fusion flavor last weekend at the NBA All Star weekend. NBA players and partygoers alike praised the product, so obviously we’re eager to try it. A combination of pineapple and coconut, the rum will debut in April. It’ll be right in time for warm weather cocktails so we’re pumped.


Ladies, this one’s for you. Malibu released the first ever low-calorie spiced rum looking to satisfy a female crowd. Malibu Island Spiced combines their classic rum with coconut liqueur, light spices and a zero-calorie sweetener. You’re able to have the sweetness and strength of rum without packing on the calories. Guess we could give it a shot if we’re feeling healthy.


Flying Dog Brewery has released their second beer in the Brewhouse Rarities series. Flying Dog Green Tea Imperial Stout joins the series of limited edition brews that the brand has been releasing this year.  The stout is a mix of cold green tea steep and a strong malt base, creating an earthy and savory flavor. Sadly the beer will only be available in the Maryland and Washington D.C. area – but we suggest you make the trip if you can.


We understand all beer has a shelf life but Stone Brewing Co. is taking it to another level. Tomorrow they will release their Stone Enjoy by 04.01.13 IPA to 17 states across the country. The name indicates the date by which the beer has to be consumed and it is not a joke. If any bottles of the brew remain on shelves after April 1 they will immediately be removed. Needless to say we’ll be getting our hands on as much as possible before the expiration date.