BlueChairBayKenny Chesney is doing the Jimmy Buffet thing. The country music star sings about rum in many of his songs and now he’s releasing his own brand.  Blue Chair Bay Rum was announced this week and will debut nationally in May. Chesney’s brand will feature a White Rum, Coconut Rum and Coconut Spice Rum. You can sing Kenny, but can you make rum?


Mirroring its iconic logo, Budweiser will release bowtie shaped beer cans on May 6. The new cans are designed to look like a bowtie to attract a younger crowd. One catch: because of the shape, the special cans don’t hold as much beer as normal ones do. But don’t fret; naturally Budweiser will just sell eight in a pack rather than the normal six.


Life is better when you’re having rum, and now you can enjoy it in two more flavors. Cruzan Rum has revealed two super sweet additions to their brand: Key Lime and Passion Fruit. Both flavors launched late last week at $14.99 a bottle. We love our rum but we can already tell these aren’t for us.