negroni15Seven days, three ingredients and one simple way to give back! Just in case you were out of the loop, this week is dedicated to a traditional Italian cocktail, the Negroni. Together Imbibe Magazine and Campari have organized Negroni Week to not only celebrate the delicious cocktail, but also raise money and awareness for multiple charitable causes. Bars around the world are participating this week, whipping up traditional as well as unique Negronis to serve to patrons and donating a portion of the profits from each drink sold to a charity of their choice.

This week marks the third annual Negroni Week, and the event definitely has earned some bragging rights. Just last year the celebration raised over $120,000 for charity, and an even higher number is projected for this year considering that 3,530 bars are now shaking up the fun, compared to the mere 1,300 that participated last year.

If you missed out on sipping the classic rose colored beverage during the work week, be sure to get out there this weekend and enjoy a cocktail for a cause. You can easily find out if one of your local watering holes is partaking by searching your city here! Cheers to good deeds with your Negroni and remember the cocktail is meant to be enjoyed as an apéritif (aka the fancy schamcy term for a before dinner drink), so we recommend following it up with a giant plate of spaghetti!

Don’t forgot to #NegroniWeek and make all your friends sipping drinks that aren’t changing the world jealous!