Sometimes it can be hard to avoid a case of the Mondays. Typically around 10:15 AM when the weekend could not be farther away, we start feeling guilty about the calories we ate and drank this weekend, so we search for a little #MotivationMonday. This morning we just happened to stumble upon a recent article from Forbes Magazine that highlights New Belgium Brewery. Let’s just say this piece heightened both our Fitness and Drinking goals.

We’re over here admiring the folks over at New Belgium Brewery who some how manage to be surrounded, mentally and physically by delicious beer at the workplace AND also maintain active and healthy lifestyles. In fact their employers actually encourage every member of the team, from the brew masters to the marketing execs, to partake in outdoor activities that benefit your health such as yoga, biking, hiking, and even roller derby-ing. They even go the extra mile to offer high-intensity fitness classes at their on-site gym and stock a shed full of snowshoes, paddle boards and other types of outdoor gear for employees to rent out when they need it.

After winning a top spot on Outside Magazine’s best places to work, the Colorado based brewery started to further encourage their employees to ramp up their fitness goals and began keeping track of the company’s accomplishments as a whole on their website to boost company morale and inspire their beer lovers. Together New Belgium Brewery has ran; 5 Ultra-marathons, 19 Ironman Triathlons, 53 marathons, 3 twelve-hour adventure races, and 15 Tough Mudders. New Belgium’s Health and Wellness Specialist Laura Latendresse humbly admits that “[They] like to earn their beer.”

We would be lying if we said we weren’t impressed and inspired, especially with our new Hero Shawn Hines, an event manager with several ultra-marathons and relays under his belt. He explained that “the harder I push, the better the beer tastes and the more I feel okay about cracking open the next one.” Now we can definitely get aligned with that mentality!

Learning more about the inner workings of New Belgium Brewery, made us not only want to drink all their beers but it also inspired us to get out there and stay active. Keeping in the back of our minds that the harder we work, the more delicious and rewarding our beer will taste.