We love random holidays that make seemingly boring days suddenly a bit more special. In honor of tomorrow being National Watermelon Day, we wanted to share a few cool drink recipes to help you celebrate America’s favorite melon.

Watermelon Martini Cocktail
There is an amazing how-to video for this drink on videojug that you must check out. They take you through the entire process of creating the ultimate Watermelon Martini Cocktail and the bartender in the video has mad shaking skills. Bonus: the narrator has a fantastic British accent, making you feel like this Watermelon Martini Cocktail you are about to make is a truly classy endeavor.

Watermelon Mimosas
Spice up brunch with a fun Watermelon Mimosa, recipe courtesy of Laylita’s Recipes. Make sure you check out the website because it has a ton of pretty pictures and other great recipes.


• 5 cups of watermelon cut in to small pieces
• Juice from 6 oranges, about 2 cups of juice
• 1 bottle of chilled champagne
• Sugar to taste, based on the sweetness of the fruit
• Mint to garnish
Make it:
1. Blend the watermelon chunks with the orange juice and sugar until you have a smooth puree.
2. Chill the mix in the fridge until it’s time to drink
3. Pour the mix in to a champagne flute, only filling it up half way.
4. Add the champagne
5. Stir lightly and garnish with the mint

Watermelon Cocktail Keg
This gem has been making the rounds on Pinterest and is the brain child of The Food Network.

Regardless of what drink you choose to put in this “keg,” we just think it looks cool. Here’s how they made it:

“Cut a lid from the top and scoop out the fruit. Drill a small hole near the bottom, then use a knife to widen the hole until it’s slightly smaller than a keg shank. Attach the shank, then fill the melon with the cocktail.”

You can read more details and get a recipe from KegWorks, the folks who sell the actual keg shank.

If you are too lazy to make a drink, you could still celebrate with a Watermelon Four Loko. Just don’t blame us for whatever happens after you drink it!