Today is the day we pay tribute to the beer that began it all. It was our starting place. Our foundation. From here, we venture off into a world of brews, stouts, and – dare we say it – the hard stuff. But today, on National Lager Day, we are keeping it on theme and enjoying the basics.

Defined by New World College Dictionary, a lager is “a type of beer which stored at a low temperature for aging after it has been brewed.” But we like to call it – the “easy-to-drinker.” On this special day, reflect on what your favorite easy-to-drinker is and pop one open.

If you’re looking to use this holiday as an excuse to get a little boozy – search for National Lager Day events in your area or check out what’s going on in your neighbor’s state here!

Narragansett Beer is once again celebrating with Toys For Tots. What better way to drink a ‘Gansett than to “do it for the kids”? For the third year in a row, Narragansett invites fans to take a picture of their Narragansett and upload it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #LagerDay. For every ‘Gansett #LagerDay photo posted, $1 will be donated to Toys For Tots.