Music plays a vital role in an evening of drinking festivities. It sets the tone and gets the night moving in the right direction. So for me, an enjoyable night is filled with not only great beverage but also great music.

Once these tracks hit the speakers, rest assured I’m bringing my A-game. Here’s a little taste of my pregame playlist:

Widespread Panic – Climb to Safety: When my pregame partners arrive, there’s a good chance this song is playing. Easing into the evening with a little Rock ‘n Roll while enjoying cocktail number one.

Michael Jackson – PYT: Just can’t help but sing and dance to this one, which as a result leaves me parched. I’ll have another.

Jay-Z feat Alicia Keyes – Empire State of Mind: I’m not from New York, but this song makes me wish I were. It’s replay worthy.

Britney Spears – 3: I’m female. Did you seriously think BSpears wouldn’t make this list? Great, great, great comeback song. This one also makes me dance (shocker), so yet again, a parched feeling sets in. Fill up and the night is looking good.

Cupid – Cupid Shuffle: This song makes me smile and laugh. We all have songs that remind us of particular memories and well this one reminds me of Spring Break. I’ll stop there. Next track…

Bruce Springsteen – Glory Days: No drinking playlist is complete without an appearance from the Boss. As I get older, I find myself appreciating this song more and more.

Rolling Stones – Don’t Stop: When I was younger, I use to tell my parents that New Kids on the Block and NSync would be bigger than the bands of their generation. They would laugh. Now I know why.

MGMT – Time to Pretend: This song always sparks a sing-a-long. I’m a big fan of sing-a-longs.

Bob Sinclair – World Hold On (remix): Great song to end the pregame festivities. People are ready to “get after it” at this point. Not sure what “get after it” means exactly. I’m going to assume it’s comparable to beating up the beat?

Girl Talk- If the world were iTunes:less and still CD dominant, this is the CD I’d play. Various song samples compiled into one track. Legalities aside, it’s genius.

So there it is. My pregame recipe. One part cocktail, one part music, give it a few shakes and I’m good to go.

You know I’m curious. What’s your pregame playlist?