Depending on your musical preferences, you may or may not find that alcohol plays a large role in the lyrics to some of your favorite songs. From rap and hip-hop to country and pop, many artists have taken a liking to naming their favorite drinks in songs. And who could blame them? Hey, if we could sing, we’d probably do the same thing.

So, we did some thinking, and came up with a short list of our favorite songs about drinks.

Hennessy: Tupac was known for his tendency to talk about the virtues of liquor throughout his *sigh* short career. So much so that he even dedicated an entire song to the cognac brand, Hennessy (called, you guessed it, Hennessy). He shares, “They wanna know who’s my role model, it’s in a brown bottle, Hennessy!” Thank you for that precious piece of insight Tupac, thank you.

Patron: Kicking it back to 2008 with the song “Whatever You Like,” T.I. offers “Patron on ice” to a “shawty” he’s hanging out with, saying that she can indeed have whatever she likes.

Bacardi: Marking one of the more iconic songs of the early 2000’s, 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” celebrates yet another shawty’s birthday by “sippin’ Bacardi.” Because he doesn’t even care if it’s not your birthday.

Gin and Juice: This 1994 throwback is one of Snoop Dogg’s crowning jewels. Not only does he dedicate this song to the lovely combo of gin and juice, but he also tells us just how laid back he is.

Malibooyah: Kanye shows his creative side in his song “Monster” when he starts mixing it up. He shares his genius with up by rapping, “Mix that Goose and Malibu I call it Malibooyah.” Touché, Mr. West, touché.

Aside from these hip-hop gems, alcohol is mentioned just as much throughout other genres. You might recall how Ke$ha enjoys “brush[ing her] teeth with a bottle of Jack.” Or how Toby Keith enjoys occasionally filling up a “red solo cup.” As some of favorite things, music and alcohol go together oh so well.