We all know what a giant snowstorm means right? We go out, buy as many beers as possible, and hibernate for a few days. Same goes for a heat wave: beers, outside, staying as cool as possible. In an effort to capitalize on our weather related behavior, beer brands are using innovative technology to figure out how different weather affects our beer buying habits.


The marketing tool WeatherFX was created by The Weather Company as a crystal ball tool for advertisers to target specific consumers based on the upcoming forecast. The results have been interesting showing that no two beer loving cities are alike. New Yorkers, for example, flock to their beer drinking stations when warm weather hits while folks in Chicago prefer below-average temperatures when they’re buying a six pack. The study also shows that people in California simply sit back with their beers and laugh at our weather related problems.


Leinenkugel, the go to summer beverage, is using WeatherFX to determine the perfect timing to market their wheat beer and lemonade mix Summer Shandy, to us.  Pretty genius when you think about it.


The next time it rains, snows, or we’re sweating in the middle of a heat wave pay close attention to what ads are popping up on your computer and what beers start appearing on shelves.

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