Things you might associate with Easter:

  • Going to church.
  • Big fancy hats.
  • A bunny.
  • Hunting for eggs. (“Jeez Dad, you really mailed it in this year, that egg is just sitting in the middle of the lawn.”)
  • Wondering what a bunny and eggs have to do with each other, or with anything, really.
  • Ham.


Things you probably don’t associate with Easter:

  • Drinking.

But while Easter isn’t a big drinking holiday, it is a holiday, and therefore you’re probably going to do some drankin’.

So make it an Easter Sunday Funday with these spring-y cocktails.

Aperol Spritz: The word “spritz” literally means “you can drink several of them without totally humiliating yourself in front of your family.”

Peach Mimosa: Makes 10 servings for you and nine friends. Or you and one friend. We’re not judging.

Pimm’s Cup: It’s classy on account of being British, and it’s perfect for spring day-drinking.

Have a #blessed Easter, y’all.