Looking for a way to impress your boozy buddies? We suggest redesigning a bookcase into a classy bar. Whether you have a dusty bookcase or find a cheep one in the store, take tips from this DIY from to learn how to creatively showcase your finest goods. Just make sure you have a drink in hand while you’re doing it.

For this project you will need:

  • solid wood bookcase with adjustable shelves,
  • sand paper (medium and fine)
  • face mask
  • acrylic primer
  • semi gloss paint
  • paint brush,
  • 2 sheets of gift wrap (24″X 36″)
  • spray adhesive
  • scissors
  • mini drill, small drill bit
  • 19 all purpose screws
  • 2 wine glass racks
  • 2 wine bottle holders
  • 2 pieces of 3/4″ thick plywood
  • 1 piece of 3/4″ thick plywood (6″X 2″)

Follow the instructions here, and then sit back and enjoy your handiwork, and a cocktail  of course.