bbb-web-logoIt was a Halloween mystery in Fort Collins—the entire stock of Count Chocula at two Albertsons disappeared, leaving countless Coloradoans without their chocolate fix in their morning cereal. The perpetrator—craft brewer Sean Nook of Black Bottle Brewery—bought out the two stores, purchasing 40 pounds of cereal. Count Chocula will join the ranks at Black Bottle in a line of breakfast cereal flavored beer. Past creations include beers flavored Golden Grahams, Reese’s Puffs and Cinnamon Toast Crunch with plans for a St. Patty’s Day edition using Lucky Charms.

Using a method similar to dry-hopping to combine Count Chocula cereal and beer yields a dark ale with a chocolate twist, dubbed the “Count Chocula Brew.” It debuted today, just in time for Halloween, and can be found at various establishments and liquor stores in the Fort Collins area. Lucky for the residents of Fort Collins, they can now have their Count Chocula and drink it, too. We wouldn’t mind indulging in one of these adult twists on a childhood staple ourselves; we think it’s cerealiously genius!