Modern Times beer

There’s a new beer on the block and it’s interesting. We started hearing about Modern Times Beer a few months back and after its launch at the beginning of July, beer nerds are buzzing about it. Here’s why:


Founder Jacob McKean set out to brew a beer to meet his seriously high standards. He was inspired by the 1850s Utopian community of Long Island called “Modern Times.” Random we know, but go with it. They wanted their community to be perfect just like McKean wanted his beer to be perfect. With a little help from Kickstarter, he ended up with his own brewery in San Diego, four staple beers, one current seasonal and a special release brew.


Obviously people are excited by the thought of a “perfect” beer that is trying to push the limits and do something new. Are we convinced that this is happening? Not quite. A coffee stout is something we could find at any craft beer store, and in most of the bars we frequent. Until we try these, we’re not convinced that they’re “perfect” or anything above average.


Modern Times appeared at some launch events beginning with six of their beers: Blazing World, Fortunate Islands, Black House, Lomaland, Oneida (seasonal) and Neverwhere (special release). Later this month, Modern Times will release their cans in San Diego County with plans to expand throughout California and the U.S. later this year. Also on the horizon is a line of sour beers to join the current offerings.


They have quite an extensive blog that will try to convince you that they’re the best thing since the bottle opener… let us know your thoughts.